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The Liberty of the Seas is a massive ship at 154,000 GRT and 1112 feet long with the capacity to comfortably carry 3,600 passengers and 1,300 crew.  In 2008, I took my family on an Eastern Caribbean cruise aboard the Liberty of the Seas.  This was also my first year producing content for Cruising Authority, and it was on this cruise I pioneered the concept of a “Virtual Cruise Experience”, where my audience can listen to audio segments recorded onboard during the cruise.  In this Five-episode series of audio podcasts, you can hear the sounds of being at sea on a cruise ship.  Hear the sounds, interviews with crew and passengers, and listen to commentary from your Host, Barry Vaudrin, as he explores the ship.  You’ll feel like you’re onboard the Liberty of the Seas.  Below are the Five Audio segments for this Virtual Cruise Experience.  You may have to listen to one episode, then come back later to listen to another.  Welcome Aboard!














Visit our photo album from this cruise on the Liberty of the Seas.

This program is made possible by a great company called Reverie!  At Reverie, they manufacture an incredible product, it’s almost a magical product because it makes dreams come true…it’s a bed, but more than just a bed, it’s a “Super bed”!  I’m not kidding, you’ve probably seen the sleep number beds, the foam beds and even adjustable beds, however; the Reverie Mattresses with Dream Cell technology, will give you an amazingly comfortable bed that will help you sleep like magic. Watch the video below and call Reverie and talk to a “Sleep Specialist” and ask for your free kit to investigate the perfect sleep with Reverie.  Tell them Barry at Cruising Authority sent you.  My wife and I have been sleeping on a Reverie mattress now for a  year and we love it.  We sleep better, wake up with less aches and pain, and even dream better.

BookCover2Please check out Cruising Authority the book written by Cruise Journalist, Barry Vaudrin.  In this book are insider stories and great information to help you get the best deals on your next cruise and how to choose the right ship and itinerary.  Read about a stowaway on a cruise ship and an incident when the most famous cruise liner in the world at the time, the QE2, ran aground off of Martha’s Vineyard in 1992.  It’s a great book to read from the deck chair of a cruise ship while at sea.  Get your copy today!

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