Carnival Magic Review

by Jacob Vaudrin

I cruise in March 2019 with a buddy of mine, Keenan who was cruising with his family and they needed someone to to go because one of his brothers couldn’t make it. This is in short, the adventure that Keenan and I had aboard the Carnival Magic. My father is Barry Vaudrin, a Cruise Journalist, so I have had the opportunity to go on at least 15 cruises, and this was the first time I cruised on a Carnival ship. We departed for a seven night cruise to the Eastern Caribbean from Miami. Our itinerary took us to San Juan, St Thomas and Grand Turk, except we missed Amber Cove because a passenger was injured and so the Captain skipped Amber Cove to get us to San Juan as soon as possible. We enjoyed the cruise regardless of missing that one port.

My immediate thoughts when I first saw the ship in Miami was that this ship oozed FUN just from the paint scheme, the ropes corse and water slides on deck. Boarding in Miami was quick, we barely stopped walking and ended up onboard the Carnival Magic. I enjoyed the live music throughout the ship. They have excellent musicians onboard Carnival Magic, and what I noticed most about the music and the shows was that the performers all looked like they were having a fun time singing and dancing.

Of course My buddy Keenan and I love to eat, so we didn’t miss any meals. I like steak and ordered it when ever I could. One particular observation I had was that the Carnival Magic was a huge ship, but it did seem crowded at times. Keenan’s family cruise a lot and they enjoyed the family time together. I discovered a little secret while onboard, when the ship is in port there are no lines for food or the waterslides, so I didn’t even get off the ship in St Thomas.

Listen to the interview Keenan and I did with my Father at Cruising Authority. My overall impression of the Carnival Magic was that it was indeed a “Fun” ship, the dining was fun, the shows were fun, the decor was fun. I also must mention that Guy’s Burgers onboard was amazing! In the dining room I even tried the frog legs which weren’t bad….tasted like chicken and very tender. I would go on another Carnival Cruise if I had the opportunity.

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