Whomever considers booking a cruise, there are some suggestions that are very important to consider if you hope to get the best possible cruise rates and deals.  The first recommendation is to avoid booking a cruise directly with the cruise line…why you may ask?  Because the cruise line may not have the lowest possible rates and they won’t recommend another cruise line which might be a better fit for you.  Many people think if they book directly with the cruise line, they will cut out the middleman (travel agent) and save money.  This is simply not true.  Cruise lines will still sell a cabin at the same published rates that a travel agent sees, however; the cruise lines may not offer special discounts, amenities, upgrades and perks that are offered to the travel agency community based on the volume an agency produces.  Large cruise retail agencies book hundreds and even thousands of bookings with several different cruise lines and that large booking volume allows for special rates, and perks only offered to these agencies as an incentive to book even more staterooms.  Booking directly with a cruise line, you will not be able to tap into these special rate codes etc., that are offered based on an agencies’ booking volume.  Also, when you are planning your cruise through a large cruise retail agency, that agent can look up competitive rates with another cruise line that might have a better offer with the same or similar rates but have a higher value.  A cruise retail agency books cruises for people full-time and so the agents know what’s going on in the industry and which cruise lines have unique rates specific to that agency based on promotions and volume perks.  I can guarantee you that if your average consumer thinks they know better than a high-volume professional cruise retail agent, that consumer would simply be wrong, and would probably miss out on better rates, deals, amenities, discounts, upgrades and perks that a large cruise retail agency can offer.

As a Cruise Journalist and Author, I receive calls and emails often from people asking for advice when they are planning to book a cruise. There are many cruise agencies, online agencies, and  cruise booking portals to choose from, so which ones can you trust?

The following are cruise agents I trust:

The Cruise Web Introduction Video:

The Cruise Web Agents I recommend:

Lynda Lynn, 800-377-9383 Extension 315 , [email protected] , Video:

Gloria Hanson, 800-377-9383 Extension 273, [email protected], Video:


The Cruise Brothers: The Cruise Brothers is one of the most respected cruise agencies in the country.  Experience for yourself a high-level of intentional customer service and expert cruise agents that will be able to assist you with all your cruise  inquiries and cruise planning needs.

The Cruise Brothers Agents I recommend:

Babette Voegeli, 401-941-3999 Ext. 4665, [email protected]

Elyse Zebede, 401-941-3999 Ext. 4788, [email protected]

Larry Norstrom, 401-941-3999 Ext. 4730, [email protected]