Cruising Authority Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

There is a lot of fear that is being propagated regarding this suspected Coronavirus health-scare and many industries and people are being affected, including the cruise industry.  Unfortunately, there seems to be an “underground” possibly “deepstate” push to politicize this proposed pandemic. I am suggesting possible underlying “conspiracies” being created to cause chaos among the masses.  Politicians are blaming the opposing party for this health scare which is where tragedy is taken advantage of through the prism of dominance and fear. Yes, there are valid concerns about this virus and many companies are taking steps to minimize the spread of this virus, including cruise lines.  If the global community takes measured steps to prevent the spread of caronavirus, humanity will survive this outbreak. Why does the media focus so much on cruise ships? Like an airplane is a steel tube hauling people around the world, a cruise ship is a floating steel box cruising the world’s oceans, and that alone can scare people.  The cruise lines canceling voyages on their ships for several weeks or months is truly a huge sacrifice, but the Cruising Authority response is do not fear or change your plans to cruise if the cruise line has not canceled your sailing. Cruise ships are not the problem, it’s the people who bring these sicknesses onboard and it spreads from there.  Please understand, if you are going to be in a place where someone may have this virus, the best place to be is a sterile environment like a hospital. Cruise ships are as close as you can get to a sterile environment. As long as you are careful, wash your hands, be conscious of the people around you, avoid touching public surfaces and do not be fearful. If you have a cruise coming up, by all means do not cancel unless the cruise line cancels your cruise, go and have fun, enjoy the sea, have a great vacation.  Also, consider where your cruise is going. Obviously, there are certain itineraries you might want to avoid like Europe and Asia. Additionally, the cruise lines have been for years taking great lengths to keep the ships clean, sterile and safe, particularly at embarkation where passengers are screened for any illness before a passenger even boards the ship, so the risk is lower than going to the grocery store. Another tip for your upcoming cruise is to purchase travel insurance from an insurance company that specializes cruises like TravelSafe.

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