Cruising With Friends is the Best

Cruising is of course is a fabulous way to vacation, however; magnify the fun by cruising with friends. September 2017, was a great vacation with friends aboard the MSC Divina to the Western Caribbean. The highlights of cruising with friends include the memorable moments dining together each morning in the Lido café and in the restaurant each night. It’s a lot of fun to eat pizza at midnight and solved the problems of the world with friends. You really get to know your friends better in such a relaxed, carefree environment.

Cruising with friends develops a camaraderie unique in the vacation industry, because everyone is on the same ship, experiencing the wonderful entertainment, service and ports.   Our teenagers had a wonderful time swimming in the pools and the pizza at night.  On this cruise aboard the MSC Divina, there were three couple who were experiencing their FIRST CRUISE, and it was a thrill to look through their eyes and watch as they see the ship for the first time and go to sea for the first time.  Diner on the MSC Divina is truly special with fabulous cuisine and finely-tuned service by the wait staff.  Dinning on a cruise ship is different than at a land-based restaurant because there are more staff taking care of each table than just a waiter, with the water steward, wine steward, waiter, assistant waiter, Maître D’ and sometimes the Chef or Food & Beverage Manager even makes an occasional visit to your table.  In many cases dinning in the main dinning room is like eating at a five-star land-based restaurant, which often takes passengers by surprise, not expecting such fancy white-gloved service.  There are usually two formal nights in the dinning room during a seven-night cruise, typically the Captain’s welcome aboard dinner the second night of the cruise,  and then the Farewell Gala dinner on the last night.

Comments from our first-time cruisers include many descriptive words like: fantastic, amazing, incredible, first-class, wow, and other very positive impressions.  After working in the cruise industry for 25 + years, a common scenario with couples is that the women are the ones that want to cruise, while the men are dragging their feet, but what’s interesting is that after the cruise, it’s the men not wanting to leave and they are first-in-line to plan the next cruise.  Further observation of this phenomenon is the women tend to want to cruise for romantic reasons, and men are thrilled that their women are so happy and the cruise line and staff take care of planning all the activities, dinning, entertainment, ports, and each couple can just relax and go with the flow.

Below is a video from the September 2017 cruise aboard the MSC Divina. Watch the video and be sure to COMMENT | SHARE | LIKE the video with your friends and family. If you want to cruise with a great group of people, we have another exception cruise event scheduled for November 4th, 2018 that you are more than welcome to join us on. We will be cruising aboard the World’s largest cruise ship the Oasis of the Seas with Royal Caribbean.


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