Erie Sound From TITANIC!

April 14th 1912 the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. It has been 104 years since Titanic sank and the tragedy is still felt through history because it was such a unique disaster. In 1999 in St Paul, Minnesota, I attended a fascinating event where the Titanic Exhibit was opened. There was a giant two-ton piece of the Titanic’s hull on display from inside a giant water tank. Preservationists had the piece of hull in water so that the steel wouldn’t oxidize prematurely. Also brought up from two miles under the North Atlantic was one of the whistles that was attached to one of Titanic’s four funnels. Preservationists cleaned it up and it was in such excellent condition, technicians were able to hook it up to high pressure air and for one time only, about one thousand people witnessed the amazing, yet erie sound of the voice of the Titanic. I used audio editing and mixing to enhance the sound. Watch the video below to hear for yourself the sound of the Titanic’s whistle.

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