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In 2010, I had the opportunity to interview Gavin MacLeod, who played the Captain of The Love Boat, Merrill Stubing. The Love Boat television show had a significant impact on the growth of the cruise industry, starting with Princess Cruises.  I met with Gavin MacLeod onboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach.  It was surreal to walk with Gavin on the Promenade Deck and talk about The Love Boat.  The pilot episode was filmed in-part on the Queen Mary in 1977.  It was an honor to meet Gavin and to know that he is a genuine treasure.

pacificprincessThe cruise ship used in most of the episodes of The Love Boat, was the Pacific Princess.  The television show was filmed on a set at the studios, but many scenes were filmed onboard the classic Pacific Princess.  The Love Boat crew would sometimes guest-appear on different cruise ships around the world. The primary ship was the Pacific Princess. Built like a modern ocean liner, the Pacific Princess had a deep draft and was very comfortable. A few years ago, sadly, this beautiful ship was scrapped.

“Gavin MacLeod Princess Cruises Ambassador Day”

The City of Santa Clarita, in southern California, has declared that July 6th is “Gavin MacLeod Princess Cruises Ambassador Day” a pinnacle day where the whole city celebrates Gavin gavinlifering3McLeod’s 30 years as an Ambassador of Princess Cruises, which has it’s headquarters in Santa Clarita.  This is a big deal for Gavin MacLeod, who graciously accepts his role a Captain Stubing and the massive impact The Love Boat television show had on the cruise industry and even the community of Santa Clarita. The cruise business was barely an industry, with only a few small ships, when The Love Boat was first introduced in 1977.  In the early days the ships averaged fifteen to twenty-five thousand tons carrying up eight hundred passengers.  The cruise demographic was typically older, wealthy, retired people.  The Love Boat television show changed that demographic to show that younger people can go on a cruise adventure.  Viewers watching the show, could dream of cruising to exotic places to meet fascinating people.  The romance of a cruise vacation increased because of The Love Boat television show.

The following is a video interview with Gavin MacLeod.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 5.29.56 PM

Listen to an earlier interview with Gavin MacLeod recorded in 2008.


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