Gavin MacLeod “Goodbye Friend”

Gavin MacLeod at 90 years passes away at home on Saturday May 29th, 2021. Gavin played Murray Slaughter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and was well known as Captain Stubbing on The Love Boat television show which went on for nine seasons. Born as Allen See, he changed his name to Gavin MacLeod as a stage name that was less confusing and he liked the name. I had the great honor to meet Gavin and interview him in 2010 aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Gavin shared his faith in God in a number of Christian movies including The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry. In the following video Gavin talks about acting as Jonathan Sperry and his personal testimony regarding his relationship with Jesus and how he came to know the Lord.

After watching The Love Boat for many years, it was surreal for me to walk with Gavin aboard the Queen Mary, which was used in one of the first episodes of The Love Boat. At the time in 2010, Gavin was struggling with some pain in his back so I was honored to help him walk to the Verandah Grill where I interviewed him about his role at Princess Cruises and his faith in God. Gavin truly was a genuine, friendly man and when I said good bye after our interviews he kissed me on the cheek.

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