John Maxtone-Graham Interview

GrahamIn January of 2008, I interviewed Mr. John Maxtone-Graham for Cruising Authority.  It was a great thrill to talk with this legendary maritime historian and author of books like The Only Way to Cross and Liners To The Sun.  It’s a long interview, a little more than an hour, but there’s a lot of great discussion where we talk about a number of ships, and some of his books.  This is the interview that truly launched Cruising Authority, because in 2008, there were no other cruise-related podcasts.  This was also the first time I interviewed Mr. John Maxtone-Graham.  I first met Maxtone-Graham in-person, while I was working aboard the QE2 in 1992.  The very first time I spoke with John, however; was when I was a teenager and I ordered over the phone an autographed copy of The Only Way To Cross.  I’m confident that those who take the time to listen to this podcasts will thoroughly enjoy listening to this classy gentleman, John Maxtone-Graham.

Click Here and tune-in to this compelling discussion.

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