A few years ago, Barry Vaudrin, Cruising Authority, embarked on a trans-Atlantic crossing aboard the Queen Mary 2, and produced a six-part series of videos about that voyage.  Live vicariously through the eyes of Barry Vaudrin, as he contrast a trans-Atlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2 with a crossing on the first Queen Mary.  Below on this page are the six episodes featuring the Queen Mary and the Queen Mary 2.  Experience what it was like in the days of the trans-Atlantic era when the Queen Mary and many ocean liners were the only way to cross.  What was in like crossing the Atlantic on the Queen Mary in the 40’s 50’s.  In these seires of videos we will focus the dining, massive engines, the design of an ocean liner, and the spas & luxury services offered. This six-part series is a must for anyone interested in these two ships ther Queen Mary and the Queen Mary2.